10 Fake NFL Combine Questions

I’ve taken a few of these from my twitter account.  Check back often as there will be updates.  Or follow my twitter @unsportsbraggin for up to the minute #fakecombinequestions.

  1. Well… Where is Waldo?? 
  2. Is Donald Rumsfeld or Reggie White the Minister of Defense? 
  3. Do you walk under ladders? 
  4. If you had to pay child support, would you? 
  5. Bunt or Sacrifice Fly?  Why?  In what situation are you most likely to say “Get off my lawn?” 
  6. Name your 10 favorite types of candy in alphabetical order.  You have 5 seconds.
  7. Chutes or Ladders?  Why?
  8. How do I bake a cake?
  9. How much wood could you chuck if you could chuck wood?
  10. Have you ever forgotten your name?

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