Tag Tuesday – Weighing the Consequences

As reported by Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com here, this year’s franchise tags are in.  Here’s a quick overview with some thoughts on the 10 tagged players of 2016.

Alshon Jeffery did not have a good year.  He was often injured, but played well when he was healthy.  However, he had back to back 1000 yard years prior to this season.  It seemed the lose of Brandon Marshall did not effect the Jeffery as much as expected.  Hopefully Chicago is able to work out a long term deal soon.  If not, Kevin White had better prove to be the greatest wide receiver in Bears history.

Josh Norman‘s tag was pretty predictable.  He developed into a great corner this year, and the secondary is a key to success when your divisional rivals quarterbacks are Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, and Jameis Winston.  If Carolina can work out a long term deal with him than all the better.  Ron Rivera was an ’85 Bear after all, so I can’t hate on this decision.  But…

Justin Tucker seems to be a futile franchise tag use.  He’s a good kicker, but is he franchise tag material?  As you can see here on Spotrac, unless the Ravens wanted to sign their Long Snapper Morgan Cox to the franchise tag they really didn’t have anyone worthy of the tag.  You could make an argument for Courtney Upshaw, but it seemed to be too high of a price for him.

Muhammad Wilkerson being tagged only destroys one more of my fantasies about whom the Bears should sign during free agency this year.  Good job Jets.  You got a great defensive lineman…now can you trade him?  Maybe for David Fales?  Sounds fair right?

Buffalo is doing the right thing resigning their line and tagging Cordy Glenn. Who knows what the Dolphins are thinking tagging Olivier Vernon, if he doesn’t sign elsewhere he’ll be a good player for Adam Gase’s new team.  Von Miller is Von Miller.  Simply put Miller is one the best pass rushers I’ve ever seen play the sport.  Trumaine Johnson doesn’t make much sense, but then again the Rams have to face the vicious 49ers passing game twice a year… Good for Eric Berry, while it seems like a great storyline (and it is), his presence will help any team mature, and a hard hitting safety is one of the most fun players in football to watch.  And we’ll see about Kirk Cousins while everyone has him pegged to be a great player, I’m not sold.  We’ll see.  I’m more interested to see where RG3 lands honestly.

And that’s it for the franchise tag!  Stay tuned free agency starts next week!



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