“I Can’t Quit You Football”

Now I’ve already given Manning a retirement grade…. but he hasn’t retired.  He truly is pulling a Brett Favre.  Like being in a relationship that should have been over, Peyton Manning can’t give up football.  Here’s a conversation I overheard between Manning and football the other day.

PM: “Oh hey football, how are you doing?  Everything treating you well after the Super Bowl?”

Football: “I’m doing good Manning.  That Super Bowl was great.  So what do you want to do next year?  Set a new record for interceptions?”

PM: “Well, I think we should take a little break from each other…”

Football: “But you said that you loved me and that you would never leave me?”

PM: “Well, I guess I can do it for you.”

I mean I’d rather have Jay Cutler coached by Mike Martz over Peyton Manning coached by anyone next year.  But maybe Manning will even wait it out until an injury next season forces someone to sign him… He might be better than Nick Foles… but Case Keenum?  That’s the saddest statement that I have ever written about football.  Manning’s retirement grade is now being bumped up to 12 out of 10 Favres.  It could make it up to 15 or 20 before he stops playing.


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