Mini Hits

Peyton Manning Retirement Grade – 11 out of 10 Favres

Manning dragged this out for too long.  I wrote multiple posts about him.  And well, that’s enough to get onto my list.  The one where you get 11 Favres.  And Peyton Manning you did go to 11… just not last season.  Please don’t unretire.  (Reported by everyone ever everywhere and I’m hoping one day I don’t hear about this ever again)

DeMarco Murray Traded to the Titans – No Grade

This could be a good fit.  This could also be a disaster.  Of course Murray was understandably unhappy in Philly with Chip Kelly running the show, but maybe a change of scenery to a place with a young, decent QB and more of an offensive line will help him out.  Until the details of this trade are known I will not be able to grade it. But it could easily be a win-win for both sides.  Except for Dallas.  Dallas lost this trade big time. (Trade reported by Adam Schefter here.)

Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell Traded to the Dolphins – ???

Good trade for the Eagles, bad trade for the Dolphins.  Why take on these two contracts when you could be developing players or maybe giving Tannehill something to work with?  I can’t give a grade to the Dolphins for this trade, but I like what Philly is doing.  Hopefully this allows the Eagles rebuild to go that much more smoothly, but after Chip Kelly drained the team of talent how on Earth is it possible that losing any starters will help them this season?  (Trade reported by Ian Rapoport here.)

Don’t Forget Free Agency Opens on Wednesday!  I’ll have nightly recaps and post my thoughts.  Not to mention I will post often on twitter.



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