Initial Thoughts

The Texans inked Brock Osweiler to a big old deal.  While he could completely bomb, I don’t think he will.  How good will DeAndre Hopkins be next year?  First receiver off the board good.  He’s going to make Antonio Brown look a bum.  3000 yards?  400 TDs?  Anything is possible without Brian Hoyer and whoever else played QB for the Texans last year.  I’m excited.  Texans could make a deep playoff run with a quarterback.  And with the addition of Lamar Miller.  I like where the Texans are heading.  Let’s see how they do throughout the rest of the offseason before I draw too many conclusions (like I already have).

Now we move onto the most exciting team in free agency, the Bears.  While signing Trevathan, Tracy Porter, and Bobbie Massie won’t change the team as much as upgrading the defensive line.  Wow.  Kyle Long is moving back to right guard and the offensive line looks much better already.  Now Danny Trevathan is a great addition.  He’ll actually be able to read defenses, call plays, and make tackles.  This I approve of.  And well Tracy Porter isn’t bad, but he isn’t great.  Still he was a bright spot on last year’s terrible defense.

Which leads me to a team that I don’t quite understand what they’re doing, the Giants.  They needed all the players that they signed.  But the contracts they gave out to Jenkins and Vernon are outrageous.  They’re both players that will help the defense, but they’re not worthy of being top paid players at the positions, yet.  However, the addition of Damon Harrison will bolster this unit more than any of the other signings this offseason.  I like the direction, but I’m not sure I like the cost.

And finally, Matt Forte.  He’s always been one of my favorite players in the NFL, and that won’t have to stop because he didn’t sign with the Packers.  I like his prospects with the Jets this year.  Fitzmagic is one of my least favorite starters, but he does know how to dump the ball off.  And without Ivory or Powell returning Forte will be the beneficiary.


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