Broncos 2016 Offense Prediction

As if being a Broncos fan (as most people I know are) wasn’t hard enough, John Elway trades for Mr. Butt Fumble himself.  Now Sanchez is a lot better than Peyton Manning was last year, but… well that’s really all I’ve got.  He’s a decent backup, but would not be a good starter for the Broncos.  Think Denver’s defense is good enough to win a Super Bowl without an offense?  Wait until you see Denver’s offense playing defense against all the turnovers.  Not pretty.

So I’ve come up with a new offensive scheme that I think Denver should consider.  Listen up John Elway, here’s the players that you’ll need:  Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow.  We’ve all seen teams running an offense from the shotgun with a running back on either side.  Now imagine if one of those running backs was named Tim Tebow, and he can throw the ball too.  Imagine if the other were Eddie Lacy!  Unfortunately, it appears Denver is going to hold onto the much better C.J. Anderson who will now be lining up on the other side of QB Johnny Manziel.

Essentially, ever play is a read or a triple option look.  In fact, we can even add in a fourth running option by having Emmanuel Sanders swing down from Wide Receiver for a potential end-around.  Now this, this is football.  Manziel could have 500 rushing yards, Tebow a 1000, and C.J. Anderson… 750.  Manziel and Tebow could split passing duties so that whenever a completion was needed Manziel could throw it instead of doing whatever it is that Tim Tebow does.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “This isn’t going to happen Charlie.  The NFL doesn’t work like some crazed college scheme drawn up by a drunk coach.  Tim Tebow and Manziel suck.”  And while you’d be right about everyone of these statements, the thing is, it would be a nightmare to gameplan.  Just writing about it makes it seem complex.  Sure, the offense might fumble it on botched handoffs 5 or 10 times a game, but it sure would be the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen.  After all, Denver needs a quarterback, and they’ll find one at #1 overall in the 2016 draft if only they would listen to me.


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