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I’m working hard to bring you the best football website for the upcoming year!  I’d just like to post a quick report on today’s updates:  Added the first new post in too long.  Added Fantasy Football Commandments.  Added Players to Avoid.  And started working on this year’s draft kit which will be completed by the preseason!


Your success hinges on…

Your success hinges on Sam Bradford. The Eagles are down 6 points against the Cowboys, and more importantly, you’re down 2 measly points against the worst team in your fantasy football league. Yea, you might have drafted Aaron Rodgers, but he’s on a bye, and Bradford is filling in since Cutler got hurt again and no one knows what the hell John Fox means by injured. So you picked up Sam Bradford since he’s playing the Cowboys. It wasn’t the high scoring game you’d thought it’d be, but Bradford just needs 50 yards. 3rd and 2. Bradford throws it deep. Riley Cooper comes up with it! 51 yard completion. Now all Bradford needs to do is score and take the Eagles and your team to victory. With 20 seconds and 1 timeout they can’t run it! You’re going to beat Joe Blow! Bradford throws the shovel pass, Ryan Matthews bobbles it and Sean Lee picks it. You both lose. Only the pathetic Cowboys fan in your league, who you just lost to is happy.

Now if Bradford were Aaron Rodgers you wouldn’t have gotten into this situation. Or even Blake Bortles. Rodgers lives in a pass happy world and so does Bortles. Rodgers because of his Hall of Fame arm and Bortles because of a putrid defense. So please think before you draft or pick up a quarterback. Or any other player for that matter. Sure things happen and Rodgers has a bad game, but the consistency of having him or Bortles over a Sam Bradford cannot be understated. So if you like to win at fantasy football understand exactly what each NFL team does to win every game. Pretend you’re coach Larry Dickman of the Ottawa Raptors and understand why you’re going deep. Is it to run the ball on 3rd and 2? Or open up the short pass? Each of these decisions by the coach has consequences in game and on the fantasy football gridiron. If you can figure out how these strategies help or screw you as a fantasy coach, you will win more games than your opponent. Just ask Graham.